About Marcie


Marcie, the owner of The Vintage Menagerie.

I’ve always had a love of vintage and home decor items with a story.  Items that have had a “past life” with other people fascinate me.  New and modern have never appealed to me. It’s the framed lithographs with beautiful colors that I’ve wondered, “What other women have hung these on their walls?”   The sweet, vintage vanity and Art Deco makeup compacts I’ve pondered, “Who purchased these when they were brand new?”

I have a large collection of vintage hats, hat boxes, perfume bottles, antique hat pins, antique button hooks, vintage dresses that I wear in my shop, vintage jewelry and Art Deco beaded handbags and a large collection of old cookie jars.  These are just some of the items I’ve collected through the years.

I started just as a collector. I never imagined owning my own vintage shop.  In 2008 my husband and I had some remodeling done on our home.  I had quite a few items I wasn’t going to decorate with any longer.  So I decided to pass them on.  I was giving some things to friends and family when one friend suggested that I sell them at an antique co-op.

I was the office manager at my husband’s law office during this time.  After much consideration, I decided I would take my friend’s suggestion and I took a couple of boxes of things up to the local antique co-op and rented a small space. My space started out small but grew over time. What started as a few left-over things from my home grew to my searching out vintage flea markets, auctions and estate sales.

I did very well at the co-op for about a year. My husband kept encouraging me to get my own shop and do my own thing. He eventually hired a new secretary and I got my first shop in 2011. It was a very small place but was a good start. I just recently moved to my current location this past May, 2013.  My new store is much larger than the last.

When you are in town, please stop by and say hello and take a stroll down memory lane.