homeThe Vintage Menagerie opened its doors in 2011 in Grass Valley, CA by owner Marcie.

The Vintage Menagerie carries a wide selection of vintage and antique items.  The interior of the store is really set up like a house. There is a large double fireplace with a huge mantel that’s perfect for displaying. There is a kitchen, living-room and a bedroom area.

Marcie specializes in antique and vintage kitchen items that range from the early 1900’s to the 1970’s.  There is an outstanding selection of goods that will bring back your fondest memories of yesteryear.  The kitchen area has three refrigerators, a 1926 all enamel Frigidaire that was operated by kerosene, a 1934 Frigidaire and a pink 1950′s working refrigerator.  Also found in the store is a large collection of vintage enamelware, most of which comes from a good friend, April, who lives in England and “picks” for Marcie.

Many bread boxes, cake carriers and colorful Pyrex bowls are displayed. There is a 1900′s Hoosier cabinet with old spice jars, depression era coffee cans, canisters, cookie jars and green and red handled kitchen utensils, colorful 50′s tablecloths, hand crocheted doilies and lots of vintage, local handmade and new aprons.

In the kitchen area there are also three 1950′s Formica kitchen tables with chairs and lots and lots more!!

Framed vintage and antique prints, dressers, beds, linens, china, pottery, old books and magazines are some of the wonderful merchandise scattered throughout the store.   The Vintage Menagerie also carries antique cradles, a wicker baby crib along with vintage baby clothes. You can also find an early 1950′s TV, old lamps and chandeliers.

The Vintage Menagerie carries new items as well but they have a “vintage-inspired” character to them.  Reproduction Signs, soaps and general home decor are just some of the new treasures mixed in with the old.

Marcie is a distributor of Old Town Paints. This is a customer favorite.  She repurposes and repaints furniture to give it a distressed look.  If you prefer to do it yourself, please come see Marcie.  She can provide advice as well as the products necessary for your furniture to have that professional look without having to pay a professional to do the work.  This paint is manufactured locally and sold for a fraction of the cost of that other paint that comes from overseas.  Customers love this paint.

Come visit The Vintage Menagerie today!